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Roguelike WOODPUNK next Update: New weapon creation system

In this week's IndieDB article we speak about the changes we're preparing for the next big update, and how the community helped us change the weapon creation system

A build delayed, a plan reevaluated Dev Update #23

Over the week we worked to resolve and cleanup further inconsistencies across the board for level design and programming. The Animators also worked to get their reworked rig back into the engine with a few modifications made to the rig situated.

Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Voicing Eld

Had an awesome surprise this week when Marc Laidlaw volunteered to provide a voice for Ectolibrium!

A Xmas Update! Dev Update #22

Past this Dev Blog: We will be omitting certain tasks people have done throughout the week in sake of spoilers! Sorry :), But over the past 2 weeks we worked to resolve, optimize and ensure performance was stable.

The first big bang – development log #162

As the first small patches are being rolled out, some underlying issues have surfaced. Nonetheless, the first few hundred players seem to be enjoying themselves, as this week has been very lively both in and around the game!