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Real time pixel arms

In this article we will explain how we developed the pixelated arms of our main character.

RTAG rise is now on Steam!

RTAG rise is a Quest Based Narrative, coop platformer. And now it's been officially set up on the Steam Store. We're awaiting a few final reviews from Steam in regards to the game build and core files, after which, we're set to publish.

Free Alpha Test: 20th Feb

We started work on Robocraft Royale at the end of November last year and now the first public Royale test is finally here.

[Devlog 2] Project Shore – February 2018 update

We're back with some good news about Project Shore. New upcoming game mode, reworked character art, and a loot system!

Mindframe Arena

Mindframe Arena is a board game whereby a player needs to get one of their pieces called Tec, onto their opponents starting point to win.

Alder’s Blood – now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Finally! Alder's Blood is now LIVE on Kickstarter! Please, support our victorian-fantasy, turn-based love!

Dev Diary #50 | Reflections on Apple Pie (Tons of Gifs and Screenshots!)

Luckless Seven is the story of Mark Vesco’s journey from a listless existence to competitive glory. Blending a fast-paced card battle system with conversations and stories that respond to your choices, we offer one of the first card games with a story exciting enough to match it. Ready to play?

Devlog #7 – Updates, some soul searching, and a HUGE Lunar New Year Sale!

We're coming up to the 1-year anniversary of Sentinel's release – it's been a rocky road, but we're looking forward to what the future holds! Also, Sentinels is 80% off for the Lunar New Year sale :)

Dead Monarchy: Devblog 2 – Formation AI + Mercenary Armor

In this devblog, I'll be reporting on the initial progress I've made on formation AI, there is a video that you can watch to get a better idea. I will also be showcasing a few mercenary themed armor sets, chainmail hood variants and a samurai-esque armor set for an Eastern faction!