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Editor Update – Out On Steam Today

Version 0.91 is arriving for Broke Protocol: Online City RPG on Steam. The main feature is the new Editor upgrades that make world building easier and more powerful.

New demo in development

I've got some feedback from the latest demo, some design changes will be made in the next one. The game does look more retro with the new UI effects, and a third layer, the gamer room will be availalbe in the next version.

Developer Update: A New Year

Gravastar work being performed at the start of the new year.

"This is The End" – new gifs are here!

See the new gameplay gifs and read more about performance fixes in my #steampunkratgame.

Inside Baby Duka game studio – getting DASH ready for Early Access

As we are preparing for the Early Access release Q1 2019 we would like to invite you inside the Baby Duka studio, as well as showing gifs of the new Replay-mechanic. Also reveal of new implementations for the Early Access build.