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Play the Prototype of Run for Cover for Free!

Run For Cover is a unique mix between XCOM and FTL. The prototype is now available for download on itch.io! Play the game for free!

Imagine Lifetimes – Now on IndieDB

Imagine Lifetimes, a narrative-driven simulation game currently in active development is now on IndieDB! This article marks the start of the development blog as the game progresses towards early access.

Rainswept is OUT NOW!

I'm excited to announce that after two years of working on the game, Rainswept has finally been released and is now available on Steam!!

Steam store page launched!

My physics based platformer Super Agent: Drunk Kent is now live on the steam store page! After much work i hope getting in early on steam can garner some momentum and exposure for the game! If you like what you see, please consider wish-listing.

Element Space | Behind the game

Element: Space is based on a story created by Javier Entleman and this is the original message behind it for all of us.

Release Trailer: Robothorium is coming on Steam & Switch on 31th of January

We are proud to announce the release of Robothorium on Steam and Nintendo Switch on January 31th! It would be very appreciated if you could stream or release a video about the game this day!

Update 23.01.2019

At the moment we are doing a lot of progress here, one of the Animator started working on the final T-rex animations for the game this takes a bit more time than we expected!

Private Playtest live, updates

Hey! Today I'm coming to you with another update from within the game where a lot of things have changed like how Inventory is sorted, Skybox cycles and a lot more.

2018 Review

This article will cover viewership statistics as well as all of the changes that have been made to the game since the start of 2018.

Dev Blog: Combat Gameplay

In this dev blog, you can see the first combat video of the game against AI units and know more about the damage model and other features.