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Cubers: Arena – Close to ALPHA update and Game modes video

Cubers: Arena will be soon in ALPHA phase, so I'm updating all of You with information on the current game condition. I have also a few videos and a promo Art for Your wallpaper!

Development Log #6: Big revamp

Happy 2019 to everyone! Here’s a big update on the current design off Setting Sun

Amityville ’76 – Progress

Short update in the current progress / state of development.

Vantage: Year End Summary and Road Map for Next Year!

So I thought I would post a little bit about the before and after of the current game's development for those who are interested!

Fly updates and level progress

An update to showcase taking a ride on a fly and a quick look at the current facility level progress.

Road to Release

It has been a few months since the last development update. From that time to now, a lot of work has been completed, and this article is going to be a summary of the current progress and the future of the project until the first release.