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Dev Shoot-Out #8 Milk goes sour in ONE SECOND!

It's the last Saturday before the release of our fast-paced 2D space dogfighting game Cycle 28. Dave and I sit down to see who is truly the best pilot of them all.


Supraland is an upcoming first-person Metroidvania. A mix between Zelda, Mario, Portal and Metroid

Mondrian – Plastic Reality EX2 Released

Snap to Grid, Custom Background Artwork, Decreased System Requirements, and more await!

Mini Games and Story

To make the game more interesting, I have added mini games instead of waiting for actions for complete.

The Items of SYNTHETIK

Learn more about the items available in SYNTHETIK, an exciting shooter rogue-lite launching March 15th on Steam and itch.io.

What’s new: February 2018

Read about the massive pile of updates and the first ever Alpha Demo of Magisi Tale heading your way soon.