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Defenses – Sneak Peak

The towers available for you to build to defend against the evil army of war machines.

Dev Blog #04 – Extending the Worlds

Busy busy busy… Still working hard on our game SAMA. Click to read our latest blog about our development, and be sure to post any feedback or ideas you have!!

The First 48 Hours of Crowdfunding Campaign

Our FIG Campaign has gone live, but we thought we should elaborate on our first stretch goal, which is very *very* – VERY – important to us.

Movement Update

Ships now fly around the map in real time.

Islabomba for Nintendo Switch

Islabomba will release on Nintendo Switch this year. We're pleased to reveal the trailer of this version, which will make use of the main features of the system.

A New Challenger Appears On Fig!

A New Challenger appears! Tongue-in-cheek funk-a-delic Point & Click galore! Get your brain on fire with Jengo!

Corpses ‘N Souls – Real-time 2D destruction plus GDC 2018: Tech Demo

Introducing real-time 2D destruction plus the GDC 2018 tech video for 2DEvolved. Now both the world of Corpses 'N Souls and the 2DEvolved game engine have been furnished with real-time 2D destruction. Within today's article it also features a GDC 2018 tech video for 2DEvolved that showcases 36 features that are all running in-game in a WIP version of Corpses 'N Souls.

Turn-Based Champion Release Announcement

On May 31st, Missouri-based Searchlight Games will release their local partygame/rpg, Turn-Based Champion, for PC on Steam.

Smartphone Tycoon available on Google Play!

Welcome to business simulator Smartphone Tycoon! In this business simulator you can create your own smartphone company. Issue bestsellers and explore new technologies to expand your business and reinvent new smartphones. Become a market leader and get fans around the world.