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Emberheart – Development Update #1

This week has been very exciting in the development of Emberheart! The main focus of this week was level design.

Zombie Panic! VR Demo

Zombie Panic! VR Demo version is available now! Just download and play.

Floatlands devblog #51

World changes and improvements we did to enhance the outlook of the game.

Announcing: Ship Out of Luck

This very first dev log talks a little bit about our new game, Ship Out of Luck.

Steel Knight 1513 Trailer

Steel Knight 1513 is a platform game that will allow us to travel across 12 levels through various Indian territories in North America.

Upcoming 2D Platformer Game – STRATUM

Hey, you have here a small teaser for STRATUM, a 2D platformer game currently in development. You can follow me on twitter @stratumthegame for more media about the game.