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A Fresh Update for 2019

We go over our progress made on The Pedestrian since our last update.

Amityville ’76 – Progress

Short update in the current progress / state of development.

The Coin Game Work in Progress

Since my last announcement I have added a complete island town with unique fun locations, transportation systems, mini maps, in-game economies and have been focusing more on the overall “replay-ability” of The Coin Game. We don't just want to waste your time with the coin game…We want to waste it better than any other arcade adventure has wasted your time before.;)

Gameplay Progress Update

Video overview with some variety of cars and customizations in Arizona Derby.

November 2018 Progress Report

Progress on Adventures of Chris continues! The new trailer is done, the Chilean cyborg penguin level is complete, and more!

Tales of Vastor – Progress #15

This week, the focus was on fixing bugs and implementing improvements. In this update, I want to point out the most important ones.