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New stuff aplenty

I can’t possibly list all the things that have been added or changed since my last article, so here are a few of the main things.

RC Simulation 2.0 Workshop & Track Editor

RC Simulation 2.0 is a radio controlled vehicle “modable physics sandbox”. It was developed by veteran RC Racer of 25+ years and an indie game developer from devotid Media

Daedalus Space Station

Daedalus Space Station (DSS) is an international space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Venus orbit. Its first components launched into orbit in 2089. This update is devoted to the science behind its construction.

Dev Blog: Creating the notepad mechanic

This month, I implemented a major gameplay mechanic which allows players to record observations and question clients about them.

Scarf: Walking with Souls Trailer

New development update! We have finally finished our trailer!

Testing Single Player Combat

New single player combat – live testing of new scripts and features.

How To Release Your Alternative Game on Steam – Overcoming The Fear of Your First Game

Looking at more than one year's work of successfully designing, creating, managing and releasing my own niche and grimy-looking debut game 'Urban Pirate' on Steam, IndieDB, and various other sites. My game was one of those new indie titles that actually brought in some money and most importantly – a fanbase, FUN, and a whole lot of experience which I'm sharing with you while looking forward to the next production.

Devlog #7: First Teaser Video

In this devlog we cover the creation of our first teaser video, new artwork, and new soundtrack demos!