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XM03 3D Model Workflow

Hey! My name’s Tim Trankle and I’m a 3D Artist for Pixelmatic. My most recent task was to create the XM-03 Hornet and for it, I overhauled our 3D asset production workflow to take advantage of new tools and techniques to keep our visuals on the cutting edge. The new workflow has really taken our ships to another level and I’d like to show you just how I make them.

A few updates…

Showing progress in the level, as well as a couple of POD countermeasures.

SHT Dev Log #1 – — Vision, Level Design, and Marketing a VR Game

In the last SuperHero in Training Dev Log we introduced the game broadly. This Log will focus on our vision for the game (as we’ve pivoted and down-scoped), difficulty curves, polishing for open alpha launch, online multiplayer, and how to start marketing an indie game.

Free alpha key & Discord invite; be the first to upload levels to the new data base!

Create, share and destroy in a new 2D action/precision platformer tool by Copenhagen-based game studio Baby Duka. During October 2018 everyone can join the level creator campaign for free! Super Mario Maker meets Meat Boy with new Heroes, worlds and mechanics! Fast-paced and competitive, colorful and creative.

Mondrian – Plastic Reality EX5 Released

Brand new Level Exporter and Breakerball Improvements are the highlights of this latest release to the Art History Brickbreaker.

Level design, events and a giveaway!

This time we'll take a look at how our level iteration happens and give a small recap of our visit to Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2018, including a quick gameplay video.