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Daedalus Space Station

Daedalus Space Station (DSS) is an international space station, or a habitable artificial satellite, in low Venus orbit. Its first components launched into orbit in 2089. This update is devoted to the science behind its construction.

Testing Single Player Combat

New single player combat – live testing of new scripts and features.

How To Release Your Alternative Game on Steam – Overcoming The Fear of Your First Game

Looking at more than one year's work of successfully designing, creating, managing and releasing my own niche and grimy-looking debut game 'Urban Pirate' on Steam, IndieDB, and various other sites. My game was one of those new indie titles that actually brought in some money and most importantly – a fanbase, FUN, and a whole lot of experience which I'm sharing with you while looking forward to the next production.

Voxel Editor Redesign

Hello again! One of the main areas I have been focusing development on recently is the Voxel Editor. I was never really happy with the usability of the Voxel Editor which is one of the reasons I added support for importing from MagicaVoxel early on

The Last Time has been released on Steam!

After a year and five months in development, Big Cow Studios (aka solo indie dev Daniel Black) has released his first game.

ODRadiant Now Available For Download!

ODRadiant is now finally available for download! Plus, we are still looking for crazy people to join our merry team!

Worldbuilding & design musings

In this screenshot-heavy post, we discuss in some further detail the design philosophy between the worldbuilding in Winterfall and how it interacts with the greater design philosophy: systems vs content, and how big, interactive play environments set the context for that systems-centric design.

Flat Heroes has been released!

Flat Heroes has been released on Steam Early Access!

Development Update as of 9/4

Hello again! I just wanted to provide a quick development update on what I have been working on the past couple of weeks. I have been mostly focusing on areas that I believe will improve the user experience in regards to game creation in RPG in a Box.