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"Behind the Beyond " is out now

“Behind The Beyond ” is a thriller mystery Game which tells the story about a agent who is a victim of his own hallucinations. Through out the game he is perplexed between his dreams and reality.

It’s been a while…

First and foremost I know we've been extremely quiet about development of this game for the past few months. This does not mean we've stopped working on the game at all, in fact, it just means we've been working extra hard on the game!

Near the end of EA: Rogue Empire v0.9.8 Released!

Nearing the end of early access for the game, a new major update was released. Highlights include: * Legendary Items * Item Sets * New racials for Otwoks and Elfs * Physical damage sub-type's: Piercing, bludgeoning, slashing

Overhaul in progress

Hello everyone, In the last announcement we mentioned that we are working an overhaul of the game that will bring more improvements to the final product. Today we want to share with you a few things that we having been working on so far.

Update 0.50: Sector Six!

We are so excited to release our biggest update so far – featuring the long-awaited Sector Six! This brings with it lots of new events to encounter, and a long list of tweaks and improvements throughout the game!

Devlog #6 – Get a key for the closed alpha!

Devlog video #6 for Road to your City has been released. This episode is way more technical than the devlogs before.

Dark Harvest: Version 0.1.4 released!

Dark Harvest has Version 0.1.4 released today, so update the game or start your dark harvest today.

How to build worlds and tell stories in VR Part 2

In the first part of 'how to build worlds and tell stories in VR' we emphasized on the aspects of worldbuilding and how to flesh-out your game's cultures in order to create a consistent self-contained fantasy universe. This part sheds light on VR specific difficulties and probable pitfalls that may emerge during development and how to tackle them.

Descent of Man Game Demo Update

We have submitted a Descent of Man (DoM) demo to the Independent Games Festival 2019 competition. This article highlights what the game is about, game features and next steps.

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