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Descent of Man Game Demo Update

We have submitted a Descent of Man (DoM) demo to the Independent Games Festival 2019 competition. This article highlights what the game is about, game features and next steps.

Finally, Johann Sebastian Joust is an Official PlayStation Game

“Love takes time, Frank. Marriage takes time.” That’s Doug Wilson, explaining to me on a brief phone call why Johann Sebastian Joust (above) — the “digitally-enabled playground game” he designed specifically for use with Sony’s motion-sensing PlayStation Move controller — took so long to actually become an official PlayStation game

Freeware Game Pick: Mainichi (Mattie Brice)

More well known for her work with game criticism than game development, Mattie Brice’s Mainichi is a thoughtful RPGmaker-driven experiment in sharing personal experiences through game mechanics. As you might have guessed already, there are no dragons to slay here.

Trailer: Chronoblast (n0rtygames)

Steven Redmond and Kevin Derken at n0rtygames have released a new gameplay trailer for Chronoblast, a slick-looking bullet-hell shoot-’em-up coming soon for the Xbox Live Indie Games service. Inspired by Cave’s DoDonPachi series, Chronoblast is a vertically scrolling shooter that promises to offer “a fun challenge to veterans of the genre as well as people just discovering the modern shmup.” The game will feature five levels (each of which is helmed by a difficult, bullet-spewing boss), and according to this video , it’ll support a wide variety of vertically- and horizontally-oriented screen setups.

Trailer: Miasmata (Joe and Bob Johnson)

Developed from ground up by a pair of brothers (yes, the engine is home-grown as well), Miasmata is a first-person survival/adventure game set on a remote island named Eden. Here, you get to play a plague-stricken scientist on a quest to save himself from uncertain doom. Needless to say, the island isn’t a very friendly place and, as you can see from the video, is home to dangerous animals.

IndieCade 2012 Narrated by Indie Creators

The developers of Pop Pop Battle J at IndieCade Last month’s IndieCade festival saw creators of independently financed games giving presentations and demoing prototypes in Culver City, California. Our flickr photo set provides an indication of the varied settings of the event, from the evening red carpet awards hosted by Felicia Day , to the afternoon play sessions arranged throughout a rented firehouse, and the late-night, outdoors Night Games curated by Antichamber sound designer Robin Arnott .

Mobile Game Pick: Monkey vs Robots (Pixelatom)

Monkey vs Robots is one of those simple yet highly entertaining delights one can enjoy on an iDevice and an interesting little action puzzler with cute retro graphics. Also, it plays like a bit like Puzzle Bubble and is free to grab (without any in-apps so far) and, well, I suppose that’s all there is you should know