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Add the game to your wishlist on Steam:Steam link : Follia – Dear Father / Follia – Dear Father VRVR player reactions.and what do you expect from 'FOLLIA – DEAR FATHER'?Follia Dear Father – VR reaction

Tag: father

The ultimate goal of each Yotun is to defeat Jormund, the great serpent. To achieve this, Yotunz descend underground, kill monsters who harm Yggr, heal the Father Tree’s roots and mine veri to please the gods and improve Yggr.

Tag: father

Destructive Creations are proud to present Follia – Dear Father, a survival horror from the independent Italian development team Real Game Machine. The game will be launched this fall on all major platforms – PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One – and will also feature a VR version for full immersion on HTC Vive and PlayStation®VR.

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