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Fated Kingdom Update #13 – New Cards and Restart Party

In this patch you will find a portion of new content – 3 new cards, a square for the board generator, and a quick restart button.

«Dusktide» – Fated Kingdom Major Update (30% off!)

«Dusktide» is the second major update for our digital board game, dedicated to the struggle Kinmarr guilds against the mysterious apocalyptic cult.

Fated Kingdom Update #9 – New Cards, Flavors and Tools of War

We have just released the ninth patch for the digital board game Fated Kingdom. We continue to follow the roadmap, preparing the project for the second major update.

Fated Kingdom Update #8 – New Content and Guilds Balance

This is the eighth update we have released for the digital board game Fated Kingdom. It includes new cards, board square, flavors a couple of changes in the guild balance.