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Near the end of EA: Rogue Empire v0.9.8 Released!

Nearing the end of early access for the game, a new major update was released. Highlights include: * Legendary Items * Item Sets * New racials for Otwoks and Elfs * Physical damage sub-type's: Piercing, bludgeoning, slashing

’90s Football Stars Strikes Early Access!

Klabater have announced today that ’90s Football Stars, vintage tribute to old-school football games, is already available in Early Access on Steam.


NeoDodgeball, a multiplayer dodgeball game, releases into early access!

The What, the Why and the Ugly of re-creating Antistar

After two years in early access, re:Antistar is getting a final chapter, and a release; grab your wooden sword and lets have at it.

Early Access Coming December 5th – The work done so far

Not much time left before the Early Access of Edge of Eternity. Our hearts are pounding with excitement – with a few ectopic beat here and there – at the perspective of the release. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let's take a few moments to go back in time