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Tannenberg released!

We hit the release button, and Tannenberg has officially left Early Access!There’s a new map, a new squad, new weapons, more improvements and a secret event announced for this Spring…

Element: Space | Release Date Feb 14th

The Final Countdown | Release Date February 14th Element: Space is finally coming out on February 14th! As a way to thank all the players and enthusiasts who have followed us through Early Access, we’re going to be maintaining our discounted Early Access price for a whole month after release!

Wishlist DASH on Steam now + 1 yr on the IndieDB-throwback!

Jake is inviting all players and fans to wishlist DASH now to be ready to be notified as it launches Early Access Q1/Q2 2019. Lots of stuff has happened since the end of 2018 and things are starting to look really polished, optimized and tight!! And say congrats! DASH has been live on the IndieDB for more than 365 days now

Ectolibrium Devlog 19

Curators, early access and the Ectolibrium roadmap.

WR Ghost Replays, Flying Enemy & Screenshots

We're continuing the ongoing full-on indie dev style, and this week we're letting you in on some new cool implementations as we are preparing for the Early Access launch Q1 2019!

In Darkness on Steam (early acccess)

In Darkness is available on Steam (early access). Prepare for the challenges!

Inside Baby Duka game studio – getting DASH ready for Early Access

As we are preparing for the Early Access release Q1 2019 we would like to invite you inside the Baby Duka studio, as well as showing gifs of the new Replay-mechanic. Also reveal of new implementations for the Early Access build.

Smith and Winston is now in Early Access Win/Linux/Mac

Smith and Winston is in early access on Steam for Windows, macOS and Linux. Twin stick, massive voxel destruction, metroid exploration, pure therapy for the soul!

Early Access 3 Details & Dev Update

We've been working since October on our Early Access 3 patch and it is our largest release so far. We think this really brings us close to the goal line of 1.0 Full Release.