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Neon Tail – Devlog 26

Loading time sped up by about 500%, and an FPS increase of around 15~20FPS

Katharsis – Devlog #1 –

The love child of an RTS, a Survival game and an Adventure game, Kathars places the player in the role of Arka, an emergency AI tasked with the mission of protecting a group of survivors on a mysterious alien planet.

Astrox Imperium DEVLOG 42

In this devlog video, I cover a number of smaller features, as well as a few module additions. I create the ECM modules, that provide a ship with a number of electronic counter measures. These modules can perform a variety of functions, and can turn the tide of combat when used strategically.

Ectolibrium Devlog 20

We released the first episode on Thursday — this week I go over initial feedback, plans for the future and how to access the game's leaderboards.

MarZ Rising – Devlog#26

Hello dear community! As promised we’re now starting the news series from the development front. As we’re heading towards the full release we plan to add plenty of new exciting features you can already look forward to.

Ectolibrium Devlog 19

Curators, early access and the Ectolibrium roadmap.

Ectolibrium Devlog 18

A preview of Ectolibrium's intro video, and final scene.

Now Recording Devlog #1 – New Upcoming Horror Game

While Quantonium is on a rest, I am making a new small indie horror adventure game called 'Now Recording'. Watch the devlog #1 video now for an exclusive look behind the scenes, plus a short background on how I started making games!