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The Eerie Adventures Of Kally DEMO Release

Finally! The Eerie Adventures Of Kally is here to show you that an adorable cartoony fighting game can be really terrifying!

Bugs Must Die: Final Demo Features

There are three essential improvements in this demo and two new modes are open for you to experience.

New video, demo soon

I've created a new video of the UI and the gameplay, this will be the final gameplay until the demo, what is missing are a few demo maps.

Griefhelm – Pre-release Demo Released

Here is the demo for the game! Has enough to give you an idea of what the game is, but doesn't spoil too much! :)

Development Update as of 9/20/18

September's devlog covers progress on v0.5, including NPC behavior, the pause menu, large characters, and updates to the Demo Game Hub.

Demo and Kickstarter online now!

We've just launched our demo and our Kickstarter campaign. Check them out!

The Sundew, now on Kickstarter!

The Sundew is now on Kickstarter! Download the demo on IndieDB and try it for free.