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Cubers: Arena – Close to ALPHA update and Game modes video

Cubers: Arena will be soon in ALPHA phase, so I'm updating all of You with information on the current game condition. I have also a few videos and a promo Art for Your wallpaper!

Development Log #6: Big revamp

Happy 2019 to everyone! Here’s a big update on the current design off Setting Sun

Amityville ’76 – Progress

Short update in the current progress / state of development.

Vantage: Year End Summary and Road Map for Next Year!

So I thought I would post a little bit about the before and after of the current game's development for those who are interested!

Update #128: The Big HUD Discussion

The Big HUD Discussion seeks to engage with and involve our community in the design of our in-game; Heads Up Displays, radar systems, on screen info and overall system layouts. We posted this update on November 14th, and have included the current Poll numbers in the update here.

Fly updates and level progress

An update to showcase taking a ride on a fly and a quick look at the current facility level progress.