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Game Update – Evolution of a Screen

We’ve spent a lot of time working on controls and how the content of our adventures will be displayed – I would say most of our time – because when the content layout changes we have to redo encounters and writing to fit the new template. Lately, I feel like we have been honing in on the best layout that we’ve ever had. Here’s a little history of how the layout of the screen has changed and what we learned along the way.

Exo TD – Expanded Arsenal Patch 1.0

Expanded Arsenal – Content Patch 1.0 has been released! Six new unique baseline towers, each with multiple upgrades. New features: Artillery, Arc Reactor, Gamma, Rail, Gauss, and Comm towers. New Game Mode: Endless Invasion

Pine – October Recap: Onward and Outward

A bit late this month, but to keep you in the loop, here’s another short update on some of the content we’ve been working on in the world of Pine. We’re making a lot of exciting tweaks and advancements on the simulation, as well as on world design, user experience and combat.

RAWconcrete | Update #8

The focus of this update is on the Jurassic setting.

SHOPPE KEEP 2 | New Trailer, New Game Content

Shoppe Keep 2 has seen many an update since its Early Access launch. Check out some of the fresh content!

Talking NPCs and Food (DDD #27)

New Content is coming along! Today we're talking about food and talking NPCs.