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Shot One Devlog 2: Hype System, Character Selects and More!

We are aiming to head to our first convention in January (PAX South) so we're all busy getting everything done for our vertical slice. We're going to show off visual progress on animation systems, our hype system and outro system in this devlog.

Character Creator 3 releases with ZBrush, Daz3D, Iray and InstaLOD workflow

Reallusion delivers Character Creator 3 Pipeline (CC3), a universal character creation platform for Animation, Game, AR and VR. Connecting industry-standard character solutions into one system for 3D character generation, rendering and gamification.

Character Creator 3 – GRAND LAUNCH

After years of development, and months of preparation, Character Creator 3 has finally launched and successfully transformed into a 3D character creation solution for 3D animation, Game, AR, VR. With its powerful new Iray Render Plug-in, users can now render photorealistic images directly inside of Character Creator to generate professional visualizations in a very short time.

We have a Customization System Dev Update #13

Over the week myself and Andrew worked to implement the character customization system and set a baseline for quality overall in terms of UI and overall limits of the system. Across the board level designers and everyone pushed ahead working to refine and plug the remaining holes like collision related/navigation issues and further develop some zones that were lacking.

AIFOS: The Different Shops and what they Sell !

In the RPG mode of our Game AIFOS, there are many different kinds of Stores, Shops, and Business that offers plenty of various services and products.

Lucid Path is now available on Steam

Lucid Path is available on Steam. What is Lucid Path? It's an RPG with simple and pleasant game mechanics that focuses on progressing in a dungeon and upgrading your character.