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Development Log #6: Big revamp

Happy 2019 to everyone! Here’s a big update on the current design off Setting Sun

Roguelike WOODPUNK next Update: New weapon creation system

In this week's IndieDB article we speak about the changes we're preparing for the next big update, and how the community helped us change the weapon creation system

Tannenberg full release date announced, and Verdun update is on the way!

It’s a big day for the WW1 Game Series today as our Eastern Front game Tannenberg has a release date set!Today we also released a small update for Verdun and we can announce that we have a big update planned!

HEVN Released and First Big Update

Pushed our first big update today to improve player control, survival gameplay, LUCIE, and so much more!

Teaser for the Coming Soon Update

Hello everyone, hope your day is going GREAT. We have a big update coming soon with lots of fixes and new content, one of the area I have been working on is more POI's and places to explore and loot.

TIRELESS – Demo Reworked

Hello there! A few months and a hundred emails later, we are putting out a big update for the game. We are doing this in hopes that most if not all issues are gone for good. Aside from bug fixing, work on improving the game has been the major concern