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Rogue Machine – progress update

The universe is a big place and the forces of oppression will not be defeated so easily. In this article I give an update of progress so far and look at why this is taking longer than I thought.

The road so far: Developing Shadowland

In this article I will explain my progress developing my first videogame: Shadowland.

Raji: Monthly Digest (January)

In this article all news for the January month combined into 1.

Imagine Lifetimes – Now on IndieDB

Imagine Lifetimes, a narrative-driven simulation game currently in active development is now on IndieDB! This article marks the start of the development blog as the game progresses towards early access.

Gameplay Videos

In this article I will share with you the gameplay videos that have been released so far.

2018 Review

This article will cover viewership statistics as well as all of the changes that have been made to the game since the start of 2018.

Tales of Vastor – Progress #18 – Rotate the fight

Last week, I was busy refactoring the whole fight. The scene got rotated by 90 degrees, resulting in the enemies looking towards you. The change was done, to provide more quality enemy images and speeding up the character implementation

Descent of Man Game Demo Update

We have submitted a Descent of Man (DoM) demo to the Independent Games Festival 2019 competition. This article highlights what the game is about, game features and next steps.

Update 6: Personality

It’s been awhile! So what’s new? New story content, new gameplay features and more. This article will focus on giving Haunted Emotions more personality, including new investigation gameplay and better AI personalities.

DASH Alpha Is Closed: How Did It All Go?

In this article lead developer Jake from the DASH dev team takes a look at how the alpha build ended up and what worked and what didn't. There is some advice on building a creative game, the community and marketing the game simultaneously…