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Guardian Sword – for iPhone & iPad – Free for limited time

Description: “Guardian Sword from Picsoft doesn’t look like much at a glance, but under the surface lies a deep and strategic experience worth checking out.” – Touch Arcade “While the approach to strategy with matching gems is enough to keep me coming back (the boss fights are intense!), there’s also RPG elements to top everything off. – App Store Arcade “I’ve always made the assertion that there’s room for one more match 3 hybrid on my device as long as the game keeps me entertained. Guardian Sword has done so much more than that so far – it has become an addiction.” – TouchMyApps “The vast amount of depth in their combat system really must be experienced to be believed, and — although I sometimes nearly began to believe otherwise — I really could defeat anything with the right abilities, tiles, and strategic play.” – iFanzine From the creators of Tiny Defense comes Guardian Sword – a strategy puzzle RPG with unique gameplay and classic RPG charm

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Guardian Sword – for iPhone & iPad – Free for limited time



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