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Ectolibrium Devlog 18

A preview of Ectolibrium's intro video, and final scene.

The Summoning Demo on Steam

There have been many changes, improvements and bug fixing since the last demo. Most of them have been made based on the feedback we had received during our first showcase.

Steel Gear: Achtung PANZER!

New gameplay video with a Panzer 4 attacking a USSR strongpoint. Also in this post, you will find pics from the new map of 120 square kilometers; Dubovoy.

Little Legend – The Magic Weasel

Little Legend is an adventure exploration video game taking place in a dreamlike and captivating 2D open world. You play as Pimpim, a young girl with supernatural powers who sets off to explore the world

Tiny Tanks Release Date Is Set!

It's official, after 3 years in part-time development, we have finally decided for an official release date.

"This is The End" – new gifs are here!

See the new gameplay gifs and read more about performance fixes in my #steampunkratgame.