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Devblog 34

Lots of bug fixes, enemy attacks and the epic T3 mech!

Floatlands devblog #55

Revamped UI, Harvesting world resources, Critters, Foliage, Companions.

Duralumin Wind Released

Duralumin Wind is now released! Check it out on Steam or Itch.io.

We started our crowdfunding campaign!

Hello! We are pleased to introduce you our crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

Grab the Win

Presenting our new Videogame in dev! A 3D aggressive sportwise game. A different proposal to online competitive gaming

Development Update #4

It has been a couple weeks since our last update.

Lot’s of updates for Lost Haven

At the end of this last development sprint, we sat down as a team and took stock of which pieces of our game have been completed in some form, and which pieces we had yet to tackle.

Pictopix – Anniversary Update

Pictopix is getting a big free Anniversary update! (news puzzles, achievements…)