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Robo Puzzle Smash now on Steam

Robo Puzzle Smash is now on Steam! Time to get your smash on!

Fated Kingdom Update #9 – New Cards, Flavors and Tools of War

We have just released the ninth patch for the digital board game Fated Kingdom. We continue to follow the roadmap, preparing the project for the second major update.

Mad Machines is now live on the Discord store!

Thank you so much to everyone for your support! We’re very excited to bring you all a game we believe you will enjoy. This game is a labour of of love for us and we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed making it.

Bugs Must Die: Final Demo Features

There are three essential improvements in this demo and two new modes are open for you to experience.

Early-access Space gameplay

A week into early-access Steam with new Space gameplay!

New Demo Soon: Face off Against the Mafia

The Caprelli's are the primary gunrunners in Utopia, and when they clash with The Amazing Fantastics it's going to be explosive.

Enferi Kickstarter Annoucement

Enferi has officially been added to the games on Kickstarter! Go and check it out!

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