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The Vallhund is available now! + 1.2 Patch (new languages, and new features)

Today, we are very excited to announce the release of the first DLC of Dead In Vinland “The Vallhund”, and there's also the 1.2 Patch, bringing new languages (Polish, Italian, and Chinese) and new features!

Multiplayer Support Released!

We just added multiplayer support to The Fertile Crescent! Download the latest build in the Files section and challenge a friend or foe.

The Last Roman Village

The Last Roman Village is a strategy defence game that gives freedom to develop a whole Roman city from scratch and to wisely choose the way to defend it. We are working hard to create a game that allows players to experience variety of options and creativity, to choose their own way to build towers, wall and lots of upgradable buildings, to build an army that will face the enemy hordes with some unique bosses.

Majula Frontier Official Release!

Majula Frontier, part 6 of the Ellen's Friends story, is officially released!

Our first rotoscope misadventure

A record of our first time rotoscoping animations for our game.

Level design, events and a giveaway!

This time we'll take a look at how our level iteration happens and give a small recap of our visit to Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2018, including a quick gameplay video.

NEW GROUNDS Killing Floor 2 Mapping Competition

Modders, put your flamethrowers down and wipe the Zed guts off your toolbox – it's time to get to work.