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Tuesday Update 6 | July 18th

We’ve got three big things in this Update HATS! 19 LEVELS BUILT! DEMO COMING SOON!

Dereliction: Through the Fire

Lots of stuff done today, TODAY! Orbiting a planet somewhere deep in space, hangs a derelict cargo ship.

Hello IndieDB

It is our first entry in developer diary. It’s hard to show you what amount of progress we have made so far so let’s give a check what we already have.

Mozhaysk, AI Changes and new Allies

Once again, another busy week on The Red Front. This week we are showing off the development of our latest stage – Mozhaysk. In this scenario, you will be required to defend a convoy which has been ambushed by the Nazi’s

Patch 0.31 – "Fearlessly Forward"

Patch 0.31 “Fearlessly Forward” is a weekly patch to Hell Warders. We have been working hard to bring you bug fixes and new features based on your feedback from the launch.