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The Wizards Introduces Arena Mode with New Trailer

Carbon Studio introduces major content update to the action-adventure VR spellcaster The Wizards. Arena Mode invites players to assail endless hordes of enemies and complete various objectives on two brand new battle arenas.

The game has a new name

Design or Die became Galactic Shipwright and now it is on steam.

Videotutorials and how to play

Manuals and videotutorials are boring, they say. Yes, it's true, but with them you can see inside the game. How is it, how it is developed.

Far (Away). Indev. 3

More than a year ago I published my last entry about Far (Away) on this blog, since then many things in the game have changed, even its name, which was then Hero’s Journey. That Hero’s Journey has become a completely new game, not at playable level, which in essence remains the same, but at a visual and level design.

How do you Survive The Day?

What is “Survive The Day”? A game where you have to survive the office work day…