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Black Powder now on Kickstarter

Black Powder is an upcoming skill based, Multiplayer First-Person Shooter set in the american wild west – for the PC!

Building Block Heroes – Mechafolk Factory

Now we're starting to get into the heart of Mechafolk territory! In this week's feature I discuss the birthplace of all Mechafolk, the Mechafolk Factory.

The 1800s Are Back! Grab Your Gun, Grab Your Whiskey!

Heath Games' first standalone title is coming to life! A little paranormal, first person shooter taking place in the 1880's by the name of “Half-Rats” – referred to now as “Project MOPAT”.

Project Empires Development Update #5

Welcome to another week of updates from us at Prototype Studios. We’ve been working hard these past few days to bring Project Empires to a near-demo state. On this weeks update – Units, Music, and Maps.

Tuesday Update 6 | July 18th

We’ve got three big things in this Update HATS! 19 LEVELS BUILT! DEMO COMING SOON!