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Pantropy Devblog 42

We´re about to finalize the AI patch, added caves and will soon introduce the mining facility.

Crowdfund is Live!

Membrane has officially launched an indiegogo campaign. Check out the Campaign Trailer and help us spread the word! Membrane is a 90's style retro FPS expecting to release in Q3 2019.

Gameplay video and first closed testing

Come check out our first gameplay video showcasing some matches from closed testing.

Corrupted is now available on Steam!

Corrupted – the mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel. Fight off the hordes of monsters and break through to the truth

Roumania joins the war in Tannenberg, both games get gameplay updates and bug fixes!

We’ve released a new update for Tannenberg which adds a new squad and map to the game! The Roumanian Infantry use a mix of weapons, from their own country and from France and Russia. The new map is inspired by fighting around Mount Cosna in 1917, and also the west and northwest parts of Roumania. There are oil wells, trench lines, and blasted trees and rocks providing cover on the steep slopes of a map dominating mountain.

Vampire Slayer: New Blood Multiplayer Game Logic Sneak Preview

Vampire Slayer: New Blood announcements continue: The HUD in-game is now available, for rounds won, time remaining, team score, player score and more. Just a small update showing Multiplayer game logic. Hope you enjoy!

The Maestros – Closed Beta Weekend Live Now!

The Maestros Closed Beta Weekend and the ensuing multiplayer brawls have begun! Get up to speed quickly with our Quick Guide video.

Introducing Skydome!

Made by Brazil-based Kinship Entertainment, Skydome is a team based action-tower defense for PCs in the veins of Hero Line Wars! Check it out and let us know what you think.