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Support Asteidus MMORPG on Indiegogo

We are 2 Guys from Croatia making Asteidus MMORPG for a year and now we started Indiegogo campaign.

Update 23.01.2019

At the moment we are doing a lot of progress here, one of the Animator started working on the final T-rex animations for the game this takes a bit more time than we expected!

SNOWBALL – Release

Official release of SNOWBALL on Windows, Mac and Linux.

BATLOFF: Cyprus, what kind of game?

“BATLOFF: Cyprus” is a game of tactical shooter with RPG elements. “BATLOFF: Cyprus” is about the 1974 Cyprus War. We are developing a war game with the theme of the 1974 Cyprus War.

A Fresh Update for 2019

We go over our progress made on The Pedestrian since our last update.